2014 is Natures artifacts 10th year anniversary

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Welcome to Nature's Artifacts

Nature’s Artifacts was established in 2004 & founded on the principle of sourcing & manufacturing products beneficial for overall health & well-being, for home décor & natural gift items.

The prime focus is keeping environmental & social interests at the heart of our business.

We strongly believe in:

- Fair Trade practices (working with suppliers that treat their employees with dignity & respect);
- Eco-friendly, socially responsible manufacturing;
- Consumer-friendly products

Welcome to Nature's Artifacts

We are a truly global company, offering a range of products which exhibit the craftsmanship and uniqueness of skilled artists throughout the world, working with craftsmen from Pakistan, Brazil, China, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Mexico and India

Our main and leading constituent in our health and well-being product range is Himalayan Salt. At Nature’s Artifacts, we manufacture our own unique line of Himalayan Salt products, such as lamps, massage and healing products, spa products and kitchenware.

Welcome to Nature's Artifacts

Himalayan Salt can be used as a mineral water when dissolved in water in the form of a hot bath soak & detox, in order to help maintain the body’s natural balance.

Our Himalayan Salt product range includes Body Care products, such as Mud Masques, Salt Scrubs & Body Masques; Bath & Spa products, such as Scrubs & Soap Bars; Bath Salts with Essential Oils, as well as Deodorants.

Our Himalayan Bath Salt with Essential Oils collection is good for therapeutic baths or can be used on a daily basis. Himalayan Bath Salt is known to relieve even severe dry skin conditions.

Welcome to Nature's Artifacts

With the overall health benefits of Himalayan Salt more widely known, we have gone a step further, in terms of its applications, to develop a couple of unique & revolutionary devices.

Our Himalayan Salt Detoxer is an aesthetic & therapeutic application used to invigorate & detoxify tired feet. Our flagship & best-selling Himalayan Salt Inhaler TM, featured on the Dr Oz show in 2010, was named one of Alternative Medicine's 2010 Best New Products. This ever-popular, natural, pollutant-free & easy to use instrument can be used to alleviate respiratory ailments, such as shortness of breath, sinus conditions, allergies & flu.

Lamps & Candleholders
Salt Crystal Lamps
Salt Crystal Shaped Lamps
USB Power Lamps
White Salt Crystal Lamps
Selenite Lamps & Candle holders
Selenite Healing
Gem Stone Lamps
Gem Stone Candle Holders
Lotus Lamps & Candle holders
Tumble Candle Holder
Salt Crystal Candle Holders
Himalayan Salt Detoxer
Tranquility Lamps
Chromotheraphy Lamps
Healing Pyramids
Cordsets & Bulbs
Himalayan Salt Specialities
Himalayan Bath & Spa Products
Bath Salt With Essential Oils
Body Care Products
Himalayan Salt Inhaler®
Ceramic Neti Pot
Salt Stone Massage
Massage Rollers
Massage Wands
Himalayan Crystal Salt
Onyx & Marble Kitchenware
Onyx & Marble Bowls
Onyx Wine Glasses
Himalayan Gourmet Pink Salt
Himalayan Salt Kitchenware
Organic Salt Shakers
Kitchenware & Pink Salt
Spiritual Healing
Angel Blessing
Chakra Products & Oil
Chakra Pendulums & Wands
Angel Pendulums with Points
Metal Pedulums
Spinning Merkaba Pendulums
Tear Drop Pendulums/ Bracelets
Gemstone Sculptures
Gemstone Points
Gemstone Pyramids
Gemstone Spheres
White Buffalo Sage
Rune Stone Sets
Gem Stone Pendants
Gemstone Pendants from India
Tree of Life Pendants
Gem Stone Rings
Gem Stone Rings Display
Natural Jewelry
Gemstone Natural Earrings
Filigree Hearts Pendants & Earrings
Gem Chip Power Bracelets
Gemstone Heart Bracelets
Gemstone Natural Necklaces
Hearts & Kisses- Necklaces & Bracelets
Natural Gem Stone Pendants
Natural Gemstone Keychains
Natural Wire Bead Bracelets
Rococo Cystal Necklaces and Braclets
Tumble & Mineral Stones
Tumble Stones
Gem Bags & Cages
Gem Stone Kits
Tumble Stone Displays
Tumble Stone Mixes
Minerals & Rocks Bin Items
Display Stands
Clear Quartz From Brazil
Gemstone Artifacts
Lapiz Lazuli From Afghanistan
Magnetic Hematite & Bracelets
Specimens On Wood Bases
Gems and Mineral Flats
Gemstone Bonsai Trees
Angelite from Peru
Natural Point Base Cut
Pyrite from Peru
Specimens Cut and Polished
Canadian Inukshuks
Agate Geodes
Amethyst Churches ,Rings & Geodes
Gem Stone Gift Items
Gem Stone Retail Displays
Basket Line Displays
Ready to Retail Display
Gem Stone Hearts
Gem Stone Heart Displays
Gem Stone Bookends
Agate Wind Chimes
Agate Slabs and Night Lights
Engraved Stones
French Engraved Stones
Gem Stone Key Chains
Foreign Specialties
Tibetan Singing Bowls
Singing Bowl Accessories
Tingha/Bell/Praying Flags
Gift Ideas from Bali
Spa Products from Bali
Meditation Buddhas
Buddha Candle Holders & Oil Burners
Ayurvedic Products from India
Fair Trade Incenses
Inspirational Banners
Essential Oil Sachets
Pure Essential Oils for Aromatherapy
Fossils & Minerals
Crystals & Rough Stones
Discovery Geodes
Excavation Kits
Fossil Jewelry
Mexican Calcite
Minerals and Specimens
Ready to Retail Fossil Displays
Warehouse Clearance
Chip Stone Necklaces & Bracelets
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Fossil Desert Rose Sold per LBS

Fossil Desert Rose Sold per LBS
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Morocco fossil desert rose. 2.2-3.3 LBS, range of $10-$15.
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2014 is Natures artifacts 10th year anniversary