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ANGSET – Angel Blessings Set

Set of 12 Angel blessings.

INMSET – Inspiration Massage Stone Set

12 assorted massage stones with inspiration on each stone.

INSET – Inspiration Stones Set

A set of 18 stones which all carry individual positive, feel-good phrases. Each stone measures 2-3 cms. Laughter is the

KJSET – Kanji Stone Set

Each stone symbolizes a wish for good fortune, with words and phrases such as Long Life;Good Luck;Prosperity; and Health. Each

RRD1 – Totem Stone Display Box

56 genuine gemstones engraved with totems.

RRD13 – Kanji Stone Display Box

The Kanji Stone retail box contains 50 stones per display.

RRD14 – Inspiration Stone Display Box

The Inspiration display contains 54 stones per display box.

RRD3 – Wish Stone Display

The Wish Stone Display Box contains 60 assorted wish stones.

RRD7 – Puff Semi-Precious Stones Display

The Puff Semi Precious Display Box contains 36 stones.

RRD8 – Engraved Rose Quartz Hearts Display

The Engraved Rose Quartz Hearts Display Box contains 35 stones.

TS28 – Totem Stones Display Set

Each set is an assortment of 28 stones, and every stone has a distinctive emblem of nature and wildlife on

WSENG – Wish Stones Display Set

Each set is an assortment of 30 stones with individual words of expression, such as Peace, Laugh, Love on one