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SSM – Selenite Skyscraper for lightbox

The fine, directional crystals of selenite have resulted in this stunning skyscraper specimen. The tiered crystal has a cool radiance

SWL10 – Medium Selenite Lamp

Height: 7-10″

SWL20 – Large Selenite Lamp

Height – 11-13″

SWL30 – X Large Selenite Lamp

Height: 15-16″

SWL5 – Small Selenite Lamp

Height: 5-6.5″

SLED – Selenite Tower with LED

Selenite Tower with battery operated LED base. The LED base only works when the selenite is placed on it. Multi

SSR – Selenite Spiral for Lightbox

Selenite Spiral for Lightbox

LED Lightbox with AC Adapter

LED Light Display with AC Adapter

LED2 – LED Light Base – Battery Operated

LED Light Display to use with 3 batteries. Only works when weight is put on the base.