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CAM – Amazonite Chunks

2″ Amazonite Chunks are sold per piece.

CBC – Blue Calcite Chunks

2″ Blue Calcite Chunks are sold per piece.

CCJ – Crocodile Jasper Chunks

2″ Crocodile Jasper Chunks are sold per piece.

CLAB – Labradorite Chunk

2″ Labradorite Chunks with flash are sold per piece.

CRD – Rhodonite Chunks

2″ Rhodonite Chunks are sold per piece.

CSP – Septarian Chunks

2″ Septarian Chunks are sold per piece.

FFMN – Natural Malachite [Priced/lb]

Natural Malachite decor piece. Aprox. 2 pieces per pound.

MLQ – Lemurian Quartz Points

Lemurian Quartz Points

RSQ – Rough Rose Quartz

Rough Rose Quartz pieces is price per pound. Each piece is roughly 2.5-4.5 lbs At check-out please mention if you

RSSQ – Rough Smoked Smoky Quartz [Sold/lb]

Rough Smoked Smoky Quartz pieces are sold per pound and range from 1-3 lbs.

SAPM – Apatite in Matrix (Sold/lb)

Treasures from Earth. Helps to clear confusion.

SARJ – African Red Jasper Specimen

Treasures from Earth. Used to ease emotional stress.